Thursday, 20 August 2009

Besan (Gram flour)

English Name: Chickpea flour / Garbanzo flour / Gram flour

Common Indian Name (Hindi): Besan

  • Gram flour is made from ground Chana dal, a legume otherwise known as chickpeas.
  • It has a slightly nutty flavor and earthy aroma.
  • Gram flour contains a high proportion of carbohydrate but no gluten.
  • In comparison to other flours gram flour has a relatively high proportion of protein.
  • It is used in Italian cuisine to make farinata and in French cuisine to make socca.
  • In Indian cooking flour is used widely as a thickener in curries, it also is used to make fritters called pakoras, pancakes and savory balls. Kadhi, a North-Indian soup, combines besan with yogurt and cooked spices.
  • It is also mixed with milk as a cleansing face wash.

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