Sunday, 20 March 2011

Seim Ki Phalli ( Indian Broad Beans / Dolichos Beans)

English Name : Dolichos Beans/Hyacinth Beans

Common Indian Name (Hindi): Seim ki Phalli

  • Indian Broad Bean or Seim ki Phalli or Dolichos Bean is an ancient legume crop which has believed to have originated in Asia.
  • It is now grown for food throughout much of the world. It is a very popular plant in China where it has been grown on fences and trellises in back yards for centuries.
  • It is an important food source in tropical Africa and Asia. In the United States, it is usually grown as an ornamental plant
  • Bean plant is an excellent nitrogen fixer and is sometimes grown as a cover crop or for livestock fodder.
  • Young immature pods have a strong, beany flavor and are cooked and eaten like green beans (older pods may need to be de-stringed).
  • Young leaves are eaten raw in salads and older leaves are cooked like spinach. Flowers are eaten raw or steamed. The large starchy root tubers can be boiled and baked. The immature seeds can be boiled and eaten like any shelly bean.

Destringed Seim ki Phalli


Anonymous said...

Is it safe to eat green beans raw? My Mom says it is good yet my friend eats them raw all the time and is fine.

cecilia said...

It is to be avoided in G6pd deficient persons