Friday, 6 May 2011

Capsicum / Green Bell Peppers

English Name : Chili pepper or Green Bell Pepper

Common Indian Name (Hindi): Shimla Mirch

  • In Northern India and Pakistan, word capsicum is exclusively used for Capsicum annuum.
  • The species is a source of popular sweet peppers and hot chilies with numerous varieties cultivated all around the world.
  • In the United States and Canada, the common heatless species is referred to as bell peppers, sweet peppers, red/green/etc. peppers, or simply peppers, while the hot species are collectively called chilies or chili peppers or hot peppers or named as a specific variety (e.g., banana pepper).
  • In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the heatless varieties are called bell peppers, sweet peppers or peppers (green/red peppers, etc.) while the hot ones are chilies or chili peppers.
  • In Australia, New Zealand and India, heatless species are called as capsicums, while hot ones are called chilies. The term ‘bell peppers’ is almost never used, although Capsicum annuum and other varieties which have a bell-shape and are fairly hot, are often called bell chilies.

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