Friday, 22 April 2011

French Beans - Green Beans

  • French beans are tender, slender beans with green, rounded pods, 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) long. French beans are smaller than common green beans and have a soft, velvety pod.
  • The pods are eaten whole, including the immature seeds, when they are still young, juicy and tender.
  • Quite fleshy for their size, only tiny seeds inhabit these delicate pods. They have a delicate texture and sweet flavor.
  • French beans generally grow as a bush, which grows twelve to twenty inches tall depending upon the variety you decide to grow. However there are some varieties that climb similar to runner beans, these varieties grow up to seven foot tall.
  • There are three commonly known types of green beans: string or runner beans, string less or French beans (depending on whether the pod has a tough, fibrous "string" running along its length), and snap beans, with a thin flat pod that requires less cooking time.
  • French Beans are one of the most commonly eaten green beans in India. Most Indian households make French beans as a dry vegetable either with cubed potatoes or without them.
  • French beans contain phosphorus, vitamins A, B, D and starch, much iron, which aid blood cells production.
  • Vitamin B in them benefits the spleen and kidneys.
  • They help to alleviate swelling stomach, bad appetite, premature ejaculation, and frequent urination.
  • French beans are neutral in nature and can be consumed frequently.


nurul iman said...

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Very good for kidneys

Hema said...

French beans are very good for kidneys.