Thursday, 10 June 2010


English Name: Buchanania lanzan Seeds

Common Indian (Hindi) Name: Chironji / Charoli

  • Chironji are tiny almond flavored dried seeds of a bush called Buchanania lanzan, which is cultivated across North West India. After the hard shell is cracked, the stubby seed within is as soft as a pine nuts.
  • They are commonly used in sweets in India. However, they are also ground into powders for thickening savory sauces and flavoring batters, and stewed into rich, meaty kormas.
  • Chironji seeds are used in the Ayurveda and Unani System of Medicine. According to Ayurveda, it removes biliousness, and cures blood disorders, fevers, thirst, ulcers, burning sensation of body. According to Unani system of medicine they are tonic to body and brain and useful in treatment of gleet, urinary concretions, fevers etc.


dumbu said...

how to eat it?

Nidhi Raizada said...

dumbu....chironji is added either in sweets like- Kesari Bhath, Ghiya ki kheer, Zarda Pulao, Rice kheer etc or added in kebabs and mutton curries in the form of paste. Kindly refer my blog for these recipes.