Monday, 19 October 2009


  • Boondi or Boondhi is an Indian Snack. There are two varieties of Boondis – one is plain (without salt) and other is salted (Khara).
  • Plain Boondis are used to make Indian sweets like ‘Boondi Ke Laddu’ (Motichoor Ke Laddu) and the salted one is used to make Namkin Mixtures, Raita and other varieties ( like Kadhi or Curry).
  • To prepare Boondi, Gram flour batter is made into small balls using a ladle with holes. These balls are then deep fried in vegetable oil.
  • To make ‘Boondi Ke Laddu’ fried Boondi is then dipped in sugar syrup.
  • To prepare Namkeen Boondi (Khara Boondi), the batter is mixed with spices and salt before frying.

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